Assessment is the first step to growing disciples

Here is what our Spiritual Gifts Profiler can do for your ministry:

Profile your entire church or organization with our #1 online Spiritual Gifts Test.

Access our simple to use administration tools to search and keep track of everyone’s results.

Seamlessly embed the Adult and Youth tests into your own website or link to your unique test pages hosted by us.

Create a custom PDF version of the Spiritual Gifts Test to use when online isn’t an option.

Customize your Spiritual Gifts Tests with your logo, links, instructions and more.

Enter results from printed tests for complete online access and searchability.

Create a Spiritual Gifts Profile for any position in your ministry, then find a match with just one click!

Promote your ministry!  Users can share test results on Facebook and Twitter and link to your ministry website.

Utilize our easy to use API Key to gather test results and user data into your own church database.

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See the Spiritual Gifts Profiler in action!

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What some of our ministry partners are saying:

Just writing to let you know that, working with our Web Specialist, I was able to successfully update our website today to the new version of the Spiritual Gifts Test.  Thank you so much for all of your help… I sure do appreciate it!  God’s blessings to you and your ministry!

-Church Administrator

Thank you so much for this awesome tool.  We are basically reorganizing our format for ministry – beginning where our people are “gifted,” instead of offering “programs” no one is gifted to lead!  God’s blessings to you and yours. 

-Pastor Mike  

We look forward to using these tools to disciple our people. Thanks for your ministry… we’ll be praying for you. Be blessed to overflowing,
-Pastor Ron

We love using the test and continue to share it as a resource for other churches who ask us what we use. 
-Ministry Director

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