Spiritual Gift of Giving

The Greek word for the spiritual gift of giving is Metadidomi.  It simply means “to impart” or “to give.”  However, this word is accompanied in Romans 12:8 by another descriptive word: Haplotes.  This word tells us much more about the kind of giving that is associated with this gift.  The word Haplotes means “sincerely, generously and without pretense or hypocrisy.”

The Holy Spirit imparts this gift to some in the church to meet the various needs of the church and its ministries, missionaries, or of people who do not have the means to provide fully for themselves.  The goal is to encourage and provide, giving all credit to God’s love and provision.  Those with this gift love to share with others the overflow of blessings God has given them.  They are typically very hospitable and will seek out ways and opportunities to help others.  The are also excellent stewards and will often adjust their lifestyles in order to give more to the spread of the Gospel and the care of the needy.  They are grateful when someone shares a need with them, and are always joyful when they can meet that need.  See Romans 12:8, 13, 2 Corinthians 8:1-5; 9:6-15; Acts 4:32-37, Galatians 4:15, Philippians 4:10-18.