Test Research

Occasionally, we are asked about the reliability and validity of our tests. Until recently, we were unable to provide any information since we lacked the tools and resources necessary to analyze the tests in these ways. Although we are still in the process of both researching and improving our tests, we do have some information available for those who are interested. Below you will find information on the internal reliability of our adult spiritual gifts test. As more information becomes available, it will be posted here. Thank you for your interest in our resources.

Cronbach’s Alpha (Internal Reliability) 

Administration: .804
Apostleship: .810
Discernment: .781
Evangelism: .811
Exhortation: .826
Faith: .842
Giving: .833
Knowledge: .823
Leadership: .758
Mercy: .828
Pastoring: .799
Prophecy: .860
Serving: .752
Teaching: .775
Wisdom: .798

Top 10% Scores For Each Gift

Some have asked about scoring and where each gift stands in relation to others. We have compiled the list below to show what score represents the top 10% of test takers. The actual percentages will vary somewhat, but these are the raw scores for the top 10% in each gift.

Administration: 32
Apostleship: 28
Discernment: 32
Evangelism: 30
Exhortation: 33
Faith: 35
Giving: 30
Knowledge: 31
Leadership: 30
Mercy: 33
Pastoring: 33
Prophecy: 27
Serving: 31
Teaching: 31
Wisdom: 32

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us anytime.