Thank you so much for having this website and posting the spiritual gifts tests. I have taken this kind of test before through books, church etc.  I have a small group study and think this would be a great thing to give to everyone so they can be more involved.  Again thank you!


Christ bless your ministry, it is truly a great tool and resource.


I want to thank you for making the spiritual gift test available to churches that believe in operating according to the gifts God has blessed us with. We are a small powerful ministry that wants to say thank you.

Pastor R

We host the Szczecin International Christian Fellowship in Szczecin Poland, and we have business people, and medical students and others from around the world. We gave this test to empower and equip these leaders with this practical and Biblically solid tool for ministry.

Loren Ozanne

Thank you for sharing this website for equipping God’s people on how to exercise their spiritual gifts. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. It really helps our members to be more aware about their spiritual gifts. God bless!

Pastor Jordan Perez

Your adult test has been the best gift to me in a long time. The definitions you attach to each gift along with the scriptures, enabled me to be able to clearly identify and list dates, people, places, events within my experiences and within my gifting from the Lord. Thank you. You are a blessing to God’s People!!!


Hi I thank God for your site. I am a youth pastor and we just had the test this afternoon and I am planning to have a series on this for us to discover and develop our gifts.


50+ years of ministry, the results were right on…it was encouraging, bless you.